2024 MARKETING Playbook

From a team that generated over $10 million in client revenue in 2023 alone!

In This Playbook You'll Find:

  • ​8 of our most successful strategies in 2023 that helped to bring in low-cost, but high-quality leads, increased cash flow, and saved time while increasing results.
  • 6 Marketing Strategies to take into 2024 that will increase your profits, align your goals with your natural gifts, and maximize your most valuable asset.  
  • ​2024 Insider Marketing Predictions that nobody else is talking about. We'll give you our predictions and the exact actions you must take to stay relevant next year.
  • 5 Steps To Guarantee Successful Marketing in 2024 so you can create the profits and results you’ve been craving… while stepping into alignment, flow, and ease.
  • ​PLUS...Over 40 actual ad examples of our top converting ads run in 2023. We're talking lead generation ads, webinar ads, sales and retargeting ads & more!

The Strategies we share in this Playbook Resulted In:

  • Mallory closing out the year with 226 sales, $294,474 in revenue and a ROAS of 12.27x
  • Irina adding $22k to her business in 13 days
  • Kristen bringing in $88,637 (84.9x ROAS) in 24 hours! 

You won't find these strategies anywhere else because no other agency or guru is going to pull back the curtain as far as we do to reveal EXACTLY HOW to guarantee your marketing results.

(and honestly, most don’t have the data or have insight into as many businesses and industries as we do)

As an agency, we had to pivot and adjust our strategies in order to create results for our clients.
And despite the economic and market shifts, we still saw MASSIVE success.
Save yourself wasted time and money and see all our secret strategies for yourself in this playbook.
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