Join me for the
Where Adventure | Meets Luxury | Meets Business Strategy
all wrapped into a 5-day all-inclusive experience!
Where Adventure | Meets Luxury | Meets Business Strategy

all wrapped into a 5-day all-inclusive experience!

5 days in the Alaskan wilderness surrounded by elevated luxury, unforgettable adventures, and non-stop invigorating biz bestie girl talk. 

You will walk away with a softened & regulated nervous system, lifetime memories, and tangible action steps that will take YOU and your business to greater heights than you’ve ever imagined.

If you’re anything like me, you got into business because you wanted to create a life of freedom.

You chose to take risks and put yourself out there in the name of more joy, more fulfillment, and more passion in your life.

This retreat will be the embodiment of having it all. 

I designed this retreat to be a balanced mix of exciting adventure, deep self-care, and advanced business strategy so that you can holistically approach every facet of your life and intentionally elevate from the inside out.
We've taken care of all the planning so you can just show up and RECEIVE—a luxury many of the women attending rarely get to enjoy. All you have to do is get to Alaska and everything else will be handled from there. (That includes meals, excursions, spa sessions, room and board, workshops, etc.)
I’m personally a big fan of a “bougie adventure” -- picture going on a nice 5-mile hike and then heading to the spa for a massage and gourmet lunch.
In these 5 days, you’ll experience a fusion of luxury, travel, and business masterminding so that you can tap into a deeper, more connected version of yourself. 
This one experience will change your life and become the catalyst to a level of success, freedom & happiness that you didn’t even realize was possible.
sound like your kind of vibe?

This could be the portal to your highest self
A version of you that… 

Shows up in her life, home, and business with so much clarity and certainty of herself and her goals.


Radiates a level of confidence that’s so authentic and pure that it has everyone wanting to know what your secret is.

Has the tools and knowledge she needs to build her empire in a way that keeps her nervous system regulated and invites consistency, sustainability, and “up and up only” momentum.
Has the power to step into the role of a visionary CEO and accepts support as she forges the path to her biggest goals.

Is deeply in-tune with her inner power and allows her unique and authentic energy to shine through her work and businesswoman persona.

Heals her sisterhood wounds and discovers a group of like-minded women who accept, support, and encourage each other.

Fulfills the manifestations on her vision board and understands that experiences where her inner growth is a priority are crucial for the success of her big dreams.
These are the kinds of moves we’re making on the

Every single day of this retreat is designed to blend enjoyment, business, achievement, and self-care seamlessly into all of our scheduled events.

This isn’t like other experiences where you have to choose between business and personal, we are diving deep into BOTH so that you can not only collect the exact strategies you need to bring your company to greater heights, but you can also EMBODY the version of yourself who can receive this next level.
You’ll walk away with more than just lifetime memories, you’ll be ready to go back to your life as a more connected, more authentic, higher version of yourself.

Everyone will be asking you where your internal glow came from and how you suddenly seemed to transform overnight.

What you can expect when we get to Alaska

You’ve NEVER had an experience like this before!
 Elevate your business with Emily and a group of accomplished women, gaining clarity and crafting strategies across all aspects of your life and enterprise. 

From your offerings to your business structure, marketing, team dynamics, and more!
 This is an immersive journey that will reconnect you with your authentic self, showing you that alignment with your inner power is the key to unlocking unparalleled growth.
 Have the time of your life with epic people exploring one of the most beautiful places in the world!

If you’ve ever watched one of my adventures, you know I know how to create experiences that you’ll never forget! 
 Expect to indulge in self-care and replenishment, and give yourself the permission to recharge so that you can return home recharged and excited to support your family and team in a whole new light.

This is not the kind of business retreat where you’ll sit in a conference room for 8 hours a day and then try to mingle at happy hour by a hotel pool…

It’s proven that people, especially high-level business owners, retain information so much better when they are immersed in an experience where they combine physical activity with emotional connection.

Trust me, you’ll have more transformation during the deep late-night talks than you will with any training.

That said, during this retreat there will be PLENTY of business mastermind sessions, interactive workshops, and invaluable conversations. 

Throughout the retreat, expect to receive tailored strategies and gain clarity on every aspect of your business journey, from marketing to refining your offers, determining your next move, and optimizing your team dynamics. 

That’s why this group is going to be so small and intimate because I want to give you that 1:1 attention that is so hard to come by in this day and age of online business.

You'll have my full focus and expertise for the entire five days, ensuring you leave not only with valuable insights to elevate your company, but also having enjoyed a rejuvenating and indulgent experience that you’ll always remember.



This is an extremely rare experience for you to hang out with me and an intimate group of like-minded businesswomen where you will not only get customized, one-to-one business and marketing strategy, but ALSO have deeply transformative, heartfelt experiences that will expand your mind, body, and spirit.

I host ONE retreat a year, and these spots will go FAST, if you want to join me in Alaska this June, click the button below to apply and get the process started!

Are you ready for this?

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